Our Story

Black Girl Collective (BGC) is a non profit organization and collective started by a group of Black women who met living and studying in Vancouver, Canada. A long time in the making, we dreamed and sought out to build a safe space where women who look like us could meet each other; lay down their burdens, have a good time, and bond in sisterhood through curated monthly events, educational content, open forum talks and collaborations with Black owned/small businesses and allies. 


We officially launched June 2020 and have been embracing the journey, making amazing connections and scheming on how to keep our community surprised. 


-Black Girl Collective


Our Core Values

Our core values support our vision as they are the foundation on which our Community is built.  

Our core values define what is important and how we do business


We believe that community building is an active process that requires participation and partnership with others. We commit to building communities that are unapologetically rooted in sisterhood that is equitable, accountable and inclusive.



We see every challenge as an opportunity, and this initiative helps us ensure that members of our community are better prepared to manage the unique situations they find themselves in. We are invested in innovative approaches that empowers our community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.


We honour the diverse experiences, traditions, cultures, intellect, and voices of our community. We hold space for their stories, leadership, and collective voice to be uplifted and centered in our spaces. We reject anti-Blackness in our policies, practices, and belief systems as well as our community 


Fun & Happiness

We recognize the realities of the collective pain experienced by our Black peoples due to racial injustice all over the world. We also believe in Black joy as a radical form of resistance that requires courage, intention and community in order to keep Black lives, Black hope and Black liberation alive

Our Mission

Our aim at BGC is to advocate for the joy and visibility of Black women by creating an inclusive space to gather, unite, empower and inspire each other through mentorship and community centred events.

Our hope is that this collective pushes new boundaries while empowering the next generation through workshops, talks, events and collaboration with other Black Owned Businesses, Organizations & Allies .

Our Vision

To build an inclusive, impactful, and long-lasting community for Black Women all over Canada

Integrity & Respect

We define integrity & respect as simply doing the right thing, in an honest, fair, and responsible way. We emphasize the importance of integrity & respect  in building a strong, trusting relationship with our community and its members. A safe space for honesty and truthful conduct on everyone's part is how we can respect everyone’s interests.