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Black Girl Collective Society Vancouver is a registered non-profit organization, operating within the greater Vancouver and Victoria area. Our focus is on providing fun-safe spaces for self identifying Black womxn to connect and build authentic relationships/community. 


We are a not for profit organization and that means that we primarily rely on donations made in kind, promotional partnerships and and our own member contributions in order to operate. 


Our fund-raising goals are as follows:




With heart warming support, we were able to hold our first event earlier this year titled: “Black Joy Vol 1. It was a socially distanced afro-fusion dance class outdoors. We had a professional instructor, snacks catered by Black owned businesses and prizes to take home. We worked especially hard to make sure it was just as fun as it was safe and we got to witness a glimpse of our vision come to life. 


The feedback and the smiles on all your faces was so worth it! All the confirmation we needed to start curating regular events for our community. Our dream is to reach Black womxn in BC through every one of our events. 


We welcome any amount of monetary donation through our website. This money will go towards paying our partners, space fees and financing future events. We are also happy to talk to you about donating your services and volunteering your time.




Mentorship is an invaluable service that has enriched the lives of countless people in; professional, personal, social and spiritual areas of their lives.  Let’s face it though, despite boasting a multicultural and diverse community, Vancouver’s demographics and spaces reflect the reality that Black people only make up slightly more than 1% of the population and as a result Black womxn in this city find it nearly impossible to find a mentor who understands our uniquely Black experience.   


However, there is hope because this effort mainly requires two willing parties and a chance! 


To support our mentors and mentees, we would like to go the extra mile by sponsoring their meetings by providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment